Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Scary and sad

Okay, I just read something that frightens me and also makes me really sad. The tranquility of my wonderful town has been disturbed. Something has moved in without us knowing it, and we should not let it continue. You can find the article here, or read it below.

I am so upset about this. My sister lives near there. She has children. This has always been such a safe and happy place, especially for children. When I was growing up, we didn't know anything about drugs. And I'm not that old. Maybe it was there, but we didn't see it. I want my nephews and niece (and eventually my children) to know a world like I did, one without the threat of drugs and the violence that always accompanies drug use and abuse. Luckily, they are looking for a new house, hopefully one away from the water where this is happening. But that's not the answer. The answer is that we need to stop it from happening, for the sake of the children in our town, and for the sake of the future. So people along the water, keep your eyes open for suspicious activity and report it to the police.

March 07, 2006
An ongoing investigation of marine smuggling nets a million dollars worth of cocaine and 6 arrests, including 4 illegal aliens.

(POINT CLEAR, Ala) March 7 -- At their Bay front home, Nancy Marr says she wants to worry about fixing their hurricane damaged wharf, "Nothing really can match a sunset on Mobile Bay." and not much else. "Our blood pressure goes down when we sit out there and look at the sunset."

Now blood pressure is rising for many along the Bay as Dwight McDaniel with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement accuses six people of smuggling drugs. "There's a lot of threats on coastal waterways."On a 40 foot sail boat, 6 are arrested including 4 illegal aliens. Authorities say they have almost 40 pounds of cocaine, with a street value of one million dollars.It's a lot of money and Fairhope Police Chief Chris Browning says there are a lot of concerns, its not the 1st time. "I think if you catch your child stealing you've got to believe he's done it before then."

McDaniel says there are also concerns it won't be the last. "If somebody comes into our country with 36 pounds of cocaine and 4 illegal aliens it begs the question what else could they bring in."
Now McDaniel asking you, and asking Nancy Marr to look at more than sunsets. "We've got to be out there looking we've got to be vigilant."

Marr says it will be a new priority. "We certainly will be watching to see if we can stop anything or let anybody know we'll do that."

The water Marr grew up loving, is wrecking more than the wharf. She says with drugs and security concerns, "You kind of think you're safe from all of that." the easy access is throwing a wrench in an easy life.

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