Wednesday, January 11, 2006

All night long..

I'll bet that title got everyone's attention! But it's not as exciting as you think. I just spent, literally, 4 hours writing my query letter. Then, I read my synopsis and decided it was complete crap, so I'm going to rewrite it tomorrow. And I can't find the paper I was going to use, so now I have to go buy some. So it looks like it'll be Friday before the query goes out, which isn't too far off the goal I set for myself, so it's still okay.

The headache continues. It lasted all day today and still hasn't gone away. Maybe it will after a good night's sleep. I hope it does.


  1. Celery helps headaches. Give it a try.

    Keep working on your query letter and synopsis. It's more important for it to be the best it can be than getting it out to get it out and blowing a chance with an agent because it's not at its best.

  2. My thoughts exactly. It's too important to mess up. That's why I'm so nervous. But I'm having several people look over both of them so that I can get some feedback. I may push back the actual sending until early next week, just to make sure everything is perfect.