Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What's this? An actual post???

I feel terrible about not posting for so long. But there are good reasons for it, I promise. I've been busy designing my club page for NaNoWriYe 2006 and I've been working on building a dollhouse every evening when I get home from work. So between Web design and building the dollhouse, I haven't had much time. But here's a good update for everyone out there in Blogland who cares about my life. (if there are any people out there who care about my life, lol!)

Last Friday, I was invited to go to dinner with the people who worked on our Saturday event with us. They had just come into town and wanted a nice dinner. So, that evening, I had dinner with them and with a few of the Harlem Globetrotters at The Pillars, a lovely restaurant in Mobile. I really had a great time at dinner. The communications team that we worked with from Western Union and from the ad agency in Atlanta were all very nice, and the Globetrotters were absolutely hilarious. Especially the one I was sitting by, whose name is Ethan. He was a trip. Seriously.

On Saturday, we had our event. It went soooo well! Here's a great article about it. I really couldn't be happier about how great it was. The people came hungry but left full, not just from the food, but also with hope and laughter. Can a person be full of laughter? I think they can! The picture posted here is of me and Ethan in the gym of the high school where we held the event. It was a blast. He was so good with the kids and the crowd in general. All the guys were incredible. What great entertainers!

The progress on the dollhouse is slow, but it's going well. My mother and I (neither of us are builders by trade) managed to get the sides, the front and the three floors put together, and have painted the body of the house a nice pale shade of pink. Hannah is going to love that, it's her favorite color. The trim is all going to be a light blue, and we are in the process of painting the second coat on all of it. There are tons of pieces! We stained the shingles with walnut stain, so they are a nice dark brown. We have to shingle the roof this weekend. I'm hoping to enlist my dad's help with that, since neither of us have ever shingled a roof before! I can only imagine how crooked it will be if we do it by ourselves! Last night while we were waiting for the glue on the window frames to dry, we put some of the furniture into the rooms and looked at how it's going to fit. The living room is going to be so cute, with the leather couch and chair, and the little TV on the TV stand. I can't wait to see the kitchen, but we have to build the furniture for it, so that will have to wait just a little while longer. I'll post a picture when we are completely finished. It's going to be beautiful. I can't wait to see Hannah's face when she sees it.

On the writing side of life, I've been thinking about what stories I want to write this year. I figure I can do two books and then one during November (NaNoWriMo) to bring my total for the year to three completed manuscripts. It's time to get serious about this writing thing. I'm still working on editing Summer's Blossom. I need about 4,000 more words, but that shouldn't be hard. There are several scenes that I know I need to flesh out a bit, and one that I want to put in, so that should cover it. By the time I'm completely finished, the book will be a little over 70,000 words, which is just what they request on their site.

Oh, I went Christmas shopping on Saturday after the event. I was just in a Christmas mood. I bought so many toys for the kids! I fear what kind of parent I will be someday, because I really enjoy spoiling those children! It was so much fun, though. I can't wait until Christmas Eve, which is when they open the gifts from family. And I made a DVD for my sister with a slideshow of pictures of the kids and a really awesome cheesy song playing in the background. When I showed it to my mom, she cried, which is always a good sign, lol.

But I think that's what's going on these days. Sunday is our Christmas Cantata at church and I have a solo, so I'm trying to ward off any type of illness that would hurt my voice. I've been sucking on Halls Vitamin C drops like they are candy for the past week and a half. At least they taste good. Very citrusy. Well, back to work...

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