Monday, October 10, 2005


Okay, so I didn't manage to come back later. Yesterday was crazy. Unfortunately, I've started the usual cool weather cycle. My sinuses are driving me insane. They drain and then I get a sore throat, which eventually leads to congestion and coughing. (I know you wanted to know all that)

So anyway, I didn't manage to do any work on my novel planning, but that's okay. I have the rest of October to do that. Only problem is, I can see that November is going to be looming before me in no time at all, and I will have done NO preliminary work. So tonight I'm going to sit down and start planning.

Here are my options:

Second book in Deadlines Series
Second Love Inspired book
Children's book involving a brother and sister who discover a fantasy world
Coming of Age story
psychological thriller with such a complicated premise that I can't describe it here :)
First book in Preacher's Kids Series

Anyone care to weigh in? I'll happily take suggestions at this point. I'm only starting to panic a little, I promise!

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