Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Anita needs"

I saw this on someone's blog today and had to do it for myself. What you do is go to google and type in "(your name) needs." For example, I typed in "Anita needs" and then list the top 10 results. If two of the top ten are the same, go to the next unique one. Make sure you use the quotes or it won't work correctly. Try it, it's fun!

Here are my results:

Anita needs me - obviously someone is obsessed with me, lol

Anita needs team members - what kind of team, I wonder?

Anita needs more than a slap - hey, wait a minute! what have I done to deserve this? It appears that there is a naughy soap opera character named Anita that some fans want to torture and kill. Glad it's not me!

Anita needs help - don't we all?

Anita needs to know more about vampires - Everything I know about Vampires, I learned from Joss Whedon.

Anita needs to sort out her priorities - actually, I think my priorities are pretty good, except that I'm doing this at work instead of working. (In my defense, I am on lunch break!)

Anita needs to be rescued from the oppressive hand of the brothel keepers in Bombay - Huh??!

Anita needs to put all her addresses within this spreadsheet under each of these headings - ugh, I feel sorry for this Anita. I absolutely hate spreadsheets.

Anita needs a huge portion of diplomacy and persuasiveness to get everyone out unharmed - or we could just let everyone die, right?

Anita needs to go rescue a couple of wereleopards (and you thought there were only werewolves, right?) - hmm.... well, it is almost Halloween, I guess stranger things have happened...

I wonder if there's a way to make a story out of these. I think that's something I'll work on after NaNoWriMo this year. I'm particularly fond of the brothel keepers one and the wereleopards one. I'm pretty sure these are taking about fictional Anitas and not real-life ones. At least, I hope it's fiction...


  1. I'm pretty sure the results you got with the vampires and wereleopards are from a fictional Anita--from Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. The main character, apparently, is some sort of vampire/zombie/were-animal hunter.

  2. I knew it had to be something like that! Now I'm going to be curious about the series (simply because the main character shares my first name)

    I really enjoyed doing this google exercise and will probably do it every so often to see how much the results have changed. Maybe twice a year or something. It's amazing how easy it is to waste time on the Internet!

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I typed in Anita needs, and found your web site, I'm Anita too!!!
    Congrats, you're on the first page of google..

  4. Anonymous6:00 PM

    haha Awesome
    But I don't need any of those
    I'm an Anita as well but ya =)

  5. funny... i just got this "Google me" request in facebook, so i tried it. like the other Anitas who posted here, your blog came up at the top! that makes you more famous than Anita Hill, Anita Baker, and Anita Bryant! LOL

  6. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Hi my name is also Anita. I typed in "Anita needs" and found you!

  7. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I just wanted to say hi form one more Anita :)

  8. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Hey I'm an Anita too and you know what's weird? I was just reading my friend Sya's blog. I see you have a friends called Sya as well.

  9. Excuse me but my name is actually Anita Needs if you don't mind . Yes I am an actual person with that name , there are people with worse names out there but I'm proud to be Mrs Needs so if you don't mind this is a bit offensive to me .

  10. I'm not really sure what's offensive about the post, whether it is about your actual name or not. It was a google game I played back in 2005 and I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything about the name being bad or something you shouldn't be proud of. I'm sorry you were offended - the post was certainly not meant to offend anyone with that actual name. It was the result of a google game that should not be taken seriously. Have a great day!