Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Baby (16 Weeks)

Dear Baby,

We are 16 weeks into our journey, and now things have really gotten great!  I'm not feeling sick anymore, I'm not as sleepy all the time, and when I look down at my belly, there is more than fat there.  There's you!  Only a little, but I can certainly see a difference.  And really, the best thing in the world has happened over the last few days.  I can feel you moving around!  You are really active, I have to say!  It's just a little movement - not kicks or punches, but more of what they call "flutters."  These flutters come every so often and most of the time they catch me off-guard.  When they come, I have to stop what I'm doing and concentrate for a second on the fact that you are there and making your presence known at that moment.  It's pretty neat!  Your dad is a little jealous that he can't feel you yet, but I told him that will come soon.

We are making plans for your arrival: researching strollers, playpens, and high chairs, looking at patterns for cribs, deciding on a theme.  It has been exciting and fun so far, and I am sure it will only get more exciting and fun!  I've read that you can hear my voice by now, so I'm talking to you and singing to you throughout the day.  I hope this means you will recognize my voice when you are born!  I'm going to start reading to you too.  There is nothing more wonderful than diving into a good book and enjoying the story.  I hope you like to read the way your daddy and I do.

We love you already.

Can't wait to meet you in October!

Your Mommy

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