Monday, April 09, 2012

Terrible Dreams

I've been having awful dreams lately.  I've read that bad dreams can be a pregnancy symptom, so I guess that's one I'm having.

Two nights in a row over the weekend (Friday and Saturday) I dreamed that someone shot me in the stomach six times.  They had blonde hair, but I couldn't tell if they were male or female.  The most disturbing thing was, it was someone I didn't expect to do something like that.  It was someone I knew in the dream and it was a total surprise that they shot me (six times!) in the stomach.  But when I look back on it now I can't tell who they were, only that they were blonde.  But it was the same person both nights and it progressed the exact same way.  I was in a public place and they just showed up, walked right up to me, pointed their gun at my stomach (I was pregnant in the dream) and shot me.  I begged them to stop, but they shot me five more times.  As I fell to the ground, dying, I asked why, but the person just dropped the gun onto my body and walked away.  I woke up crying both times.  It was horrible.

And then last night, I dreamed a wasp nest (that was shaped more like a bee hive) fell onto my head.  It was stuck there and I couldn't get it off my head.  The entire time, the wasps were stinging me in the face, over and over.  Just the face, though... nowhere else.  When I finally got the hive off my head, a piece of it was stuck to the top of my head, along with a hundred or so wasps that refused to leave.  They were stinging me in the face and on the head.  I jumped into a body of water to drown them, and was finally able to pull the pieces of the hive off my head, but in the process, actually pulled parts of my scalp and skull off too.  Exposed brain = never a good thing.  And my face was so swollen you couldn't even tell who I was.  I woke up this morning with a pounding headache.

What does this mean?  I have no idea.  But they were both disturbing in very different ways.

I have been under some stress lately due to certain situations in life.  I wonder if that could be part of it?  Or maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones making my brain chemistry go all crazy.  I don't know.  Stress usually makes me have bad dreams, but they have never been this bad before.  I kind of long for my recurring dream of not being able to get into my school locker, though!

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  1. Lesley10:32 AM

    What have you been eating? Sometimes physical pain, even when you aren't conscious of it, can cause you pain in your dreams. I imagine that the wasps were related to the real headache. Have you been having any abdominal pains? I would guess, though, that the first dream involving your stomach is simply related to your worries about the health of your baby. Every first time mother is sensitive to very real concerns over what is happening inside. I remember having weird dreams (though I can't recall them now) when we had to get extra testing done for both my babies over fears of spina bifida for Peter and down syndrome for Kate. Your sleeping brain will often interpret any worry as a physical threat to you and your baby (like getting shot). Plus, hormones make an incredible difference in your dreams. I say that emphatically, not from a pregnancy standpoint, but from one whose dreams were very different in both logic and duration before and after depression medication. The calmer you can be, the more you pray and trust your little one to God, the sooner you can sleep... like a baby!!!