Thursday, August 13, 2009

Researching publishers

Okay, so after two rejections, I had almost given up on Summer's Blossom. It's the first novel I've ever written and I kept thinking that maybe it really just isn't that good. But I can't give up on it. So tonight I did some research on other possible publishers and found a few that sounded pretty good. I'm going to polish my query and get it ready to send out again. It's time to move forward.

On another front, I'm still working on the crazy outline for Draha. I got stuck on some plot points and have to figure my way out of some corners. It's actually kind of fun. The outline is really more of a summary of each chapter so that when I get the outline finished, I'll have a nice skeleton with some muscle, and then I really just have to flesh it all out with detailed descriptions and dialogue.

So yeah - some positive stuff happening on the writing front.