Thursday, August 13, 2009

Odd Couple and Beaux Strategem updates

Odd Couple - Rehearsals have been so much fun! I'm close to knowing all my lines, but am having a hard time getting rid of the book! We have until next week to get rid of it altogether, though, so I have some time. It's always difficult for me to just put it down once and for all. The cast is hysterical and the director is awesome. We've been having so much fun! Saturday is a workday and I can't wait to help with the set. That's always a fun time. I should dig out my painting clothes, just in case!

Beaux' Strategem - Also going really well! So many friends in the cast make it a blast, and the new people are amazing as well! I'm almost off book on Act 1 but haven't really done any work on Act 2 yet. We haven't blocked it yet either, but we don't open until October, so we have time. My character is so much fun, and it's a great challenge to get into her head. She's a servant girl, so there's a submissive attitude, but she's also rather sarcastic at the same time. It's been tough to strike that balance, but I'm getting there. I'll get there before October, for sure! By the way, I'm going to be a blonde in this show, and my costume is going to be amazing! I'm so looking forward to seeing it.

Doing two shows at once is challenging and fun. People keep asking me if I'm crazy - I keep telling them that I probably am, but that I don't really do anything else besides work and church, so I've got the time right now. I should really do all I can now, before other obligations keep me from being able to devote all my free time to theatre.

Oh, and an update on my children's theatre - I did some more research today at lunch and have found some resources for a nonprofit business plan and some grant funding. I'm going to keep working toward that because it's a dream I've had for a long time. I can just see the kids working hard on a show and then performing it for all their families and friends. It'll be amazing!


  1. working on multiple shows at once is really great! Challenging, but you learn a lot about yourself, your process, your challenges. Great stuff.

    I love the idea you have for a children's theatre! Go for it. Check out the Foundation Center's website -- although it's based in NYC, it has a good online set of resources, too.

    Also, see if you can get some local businesses in as sponsors, and join the local Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible -- you'll be surprised by how useful it is!