Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This is one thing I love about being in shows! While talking backstage with the stage manager, we discovered we had something in common - a very strong desire to see Equus when it comes to New York. We have both been reading about it a lot but neither of us thought we could go, simply because neither of us could really afford full prices on hotels in addition to the cost of tickets and flights. So anyway, we talked about it and decided to go! I bought our tickets two days ago - we fly out on October 28. It'll be a quick trip: fly up on Tuesday, see the show that night, and fly back on Wednesday, after spending a bit of time in the city. I would love to spend a little more time, but she's in school and has to get back for class that night. We will arrive early enough to get some sightseeing in that afternoon and then dinner, and will most likely go somewhere for drinks after the show. I've never done anything this spontaneous before and I'm loving it! I'm so looking forward to this trip.

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