Sunday, April 27, 2008

status reports

I looked at some houses and some property this weekend, but didn't find anything acceptable. This house hunting thing is going to be interesting, isn't it? I've decided I will either buy one or find some property and have one built. I'm leaning toward having one built right now, because I can be part of the decision making process rather than having to change things when I move in, and also if I'm the first one to live in it, I know everything that has happened to the structure and I know it's been taken care of the way it should be. I know that sounds strange, but I've heard horror stories about people buying a house and then finding out that there is structural damage or that there was a flood or something, or mold in the walls, and that really freaks me out!

On Friday, I came home to two packages, and since I was only really expecting one - a swap package from my Ravelry swap partner filled with some amazing goodies - I was a little shocked to see two. I thought maybe I forgot that I ordered something. That wasn't the case, though, and the second package contained a pleasant surprise! I won a Microsoft contest and the prize was Microsoft Office Professional 2007! I haven't loaded it onto my computer yet because I'm trying to decide if I want it on my desktop or my laptop or if I can actually load it onto both with the license I have. That would be ideal, but there may be restrictions, although there was no fine print or anything.

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