Saturday, January 26, 2008

outlining can be fun

I've been working on the outline every day and the story is taking shape - sometimes slowly and sometimes in a rush of images and ideas. I've been feeling very creative lately, and that's a good thing. I have committed to writing every day, whether it is adding more to the detailed outline or working on a different writing project, and I've been doing really well with that commitment, even when I don't feel particularly creative. I've found it's possible to work through the "uncreative" times, but it's a whole lot easier to write when those creative juices are flowing!

Healthy Lifestyle
I've been slacking on the healthy lifestyle commitment. No worries - it's just time for a new commitment to it. I have some recipes I want to try, mostly chicken dishes that are low in calories and fat, and I'm going to start the "couch to 5k" program again at the beginning of February. I'll need to download the podcast again, but that's no big deal.

I'm working on the basketweave scarf to match my previously posted hat. After seeing the reactions to the hat, I've decided to make hats for each of my sister's kids. I found the perfect yarn for each of them, and it'll be enough for a matching scarf. I just need to find a good pattern for each of them. I'm thinking different patterns to reflect their individual personalities. They are so different and each deserve something that shows their uniqueness. (Is uniqueness a word? It looks funny.) Still working on the Branching Out scarf, and I bought some sock yarn the other day. I'm still sort of afraid of socks, but I thought I'd try them eventually and the sock yarn was 50% off and sooo pretty. I went to Michael's today and wished I hadn't because they were having a really good yarn sale. I wanted to buy everything! I actually left the store without buying anything at all, but it was tough! The new Creative Knitting magazine is out so I went online and ordered a subscription. I was going to do it earlier, but you get a free issue with your subscription and I had already purchased the January one, so I was waiting for the new one to come out because I didn't want two of the same issue. Now I'll get the February one free and it has a great purse pattern in it! It's a color block felted bag and I love it. It will be my first project from that magazine. Now I just have to decide on the colors!

Last week was interesting. My replacement had a family emergency so her first day is now Monday. This means I only have two days with her, but that's really all I need. I can do a crash course in that amount of time and give her the resources she needs to figure out the rest. Hopefully she will catch on quickly, because I'm leaving at noon on Wednesday. I have Thursday off and then I start my new job on Friday! It's a little odd to start a new job on a Friday, but that's when their pay cycle starts, so it's easier for them if I start then. It's no big deal, it just means I spend the first day getting acquainted with things and doing paperwork and then I get a weekend to rest and then jump right into everything on Monday. Something happened that made me feel really great this past week. A few of our board members made sure to tell me how much they were going to miss me and my contributions to the organization. It was nice to hear.

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