Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This is where I find peace. I went down to the bay today after work because I needed to clear my head a little. And since I haven't taken any pictures in awhile, I decided to do that too. Here they are!

I love taking pictures of water. This is one reason I could never live far away from a large body of water. I just can't be without the calm that comes from sitting near the water, listening to the waves.

It's spiritual in a way that I can't quite describe. You just sit there, feeling like you are one with everything around you. I really love it, and can't imagine going more than a week or so without it.

The second picture is just something I had to do. We had a storm last night and today, so the beach was almost completely untouched.

Until I walked across it, of course! When I looked back at my footprints in the sand, I knew I had to take this picture. So I walked a wide circle back to where my prints began and took this picture. I'm very happy about how it turned out, actually. I might try to find a contest or something to enter it into. Not that I think it's that good, but it really represents what I love about the beach. You can go to the beach alone and not feel lonely. Even if there is only one set of footprints in the sand, it's still beautiful. Yes, the beach is romantic when two people go there, but it's just as wonderful to go alone.

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  1. Thanks, Devon! I totally agree about the beach in winter. Fewer people go when the weather is cool, so you sometimes have the beach to yourself. I love going to the beach at night when the weather is cool. Of course, it never really gets cold here, so even in the middle of winter all you need is a sweater, jeans, and sometimes a jacket and you won't freeze, even at the beach!