Saturday, October 14, 2006

I love the beach

Today I went to the Gulf Shores Annual Shrimp Festival with some friends. It was great. I don't eat seafood, but it was still fun to go to the festival and walk around on the beach. It's always fun to just spend a day relaxing. I really needed a nice day at the beach.

Tomorrow, I'm going go to church, work hard on my outline for NaNo, create a signature banner for a fellow WriMo who asked for my help, attend a baby shower for my cousin, and watch Desperate Housewives. So the whole day is planned for me. But that's okay, it should be a good day. Next week is going to be fairly challenging at work, I think. We'll see what happens.

I've been feeling an intense need to take pictures lately. I need to schedule a day for photography. Maybe I can do that next weekend. And of course, I'll post the pictures here.


  1. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Anita, this is Robbie (LAKingsFan57 on NaNo). I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I really like the design of your blog.

  2. I wish I could have gone with you! I'm still a bit confused about what a landatarian was doing at a seafood festival, but I've learned not to question. ;0) Love ya!

  3. Chris,
    Actually, I went with the JV girls. They're from other parts of the country and have never been to the festival before, so I wanted to go with them. Also, they had never been to Gulf Shores, and I wanted to be there when they saw it for the first time. However, there are other things to eat at the festival. I could have had chicken on a stick, lol. I had fried pickles, and two of the girls tried them for the first time. They both said they were... interesting...

    I guess Philly girls don't really like everything fried like bama girls do, lol.

    I wish you could have gone too... I miss you lots!