Thursday, September 07, 2006

My new boyfriend... hahahaha!

I met a fabulous guy at DragonCon! Don't we look great together? Kidding, of course! But then again, he might be more sane than the last guy I dated. I shouldn't say that... it's not very nice, is it?

Anyway, this was just sitting in the hallway of one of the hotels at DragonCon, so Rhea and I both posed with it. There were so many random things like that, but this one was my favorite, mainly because he's from one of my favorite movie trilogies.

The parade down the streets of Atlanta was a blast! I had to get this picture of the Storm Troopers on parade. There were so many of them! The parade was so fun, because it was a great chance to see all the costumes. There were some extremely creative people at the event.

I think my favorite part was the costumes. Just seeing the work that went into some of them was amazing. Of course, these guys didn't make their costumes. I'm sure they ordered them from somewhere.

And this is the reason we went. Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk. Both from Firefly and Serenity, and both amazing people. Of course, they have done other things since Firefly and Serenity. In fact, Alan did Spamalot on Broadway. Anyway, I went to several of their panels and enjoyed every single one. Alan is incredibly funny, and just really knows how to work a crowd.

So those are my favorite DragonCon pictures. I should have taken more, but I was just so overwhelmed with everything I saw that I couldn't decide what to take pictures of, or what would even be appropriate to take pictures of. Now that I know everything is pretty much fair game, I'll be snapping a million pics a minute next year if we decide to go. (we probably will)

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