Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Finally updating

Well, if you look at the sidebar, you will see what the first item of big news is... I'm participating in a new writing challenge in June, July, and August. It's with some of the awesome people at the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) forums. I will attempt to write 100,000 words in the summer months. If we don't have a hurricane, I am confident I can do this. It's not quite NaNoWriMo pace, a little slower. Which is very good. I don't think I could keep up that pace for more than one month. So anyway, I'll be updating the progress bar on this blog throughout the challenge. I think I can fit 1 full novel and part of another into the time frame, so I'm going to start After the Storm and perhaps go back to Deadly Council for the end of the challenge. Since I'm already into chapter 3 of Deadly Council, it should be perfect for the remaining words after I finish After the Storm. Well, the remaining words won't quite finish Deadly Council, but that's okay. I'll finish it before NaNoWriMo in November, because I'm planning to do the second in the Deadlines series this year for NaNo, so I need to finish the first before then. I just have to figure out who actually committed the murder...

In other news... I'm going to take a writing class and a photography class this summer. My alma mater offers enrichment classes, and since I miss school so much, I've decided to take a couple of classes. I'm going to take several photography classes in the next couple of years, because it's something I really enjoy and I want to learn how to really do it right. I think I'm also going to take a few art classes, like drawing and painting, because these are things I've always wanted to do and just haven't ever taken the time to learn. I sort of feel an intense need to express myself in all sorts of creative ways.

Oh, and the weekend. I worked all weekend, but it wasn't unpleasant at all. In fact, it was fun. A sci-fi, fantasy, anime and gaming convention in our town decided to make us their charity, so this weekend, I attended the convention as the representative of my organization. I had never been to a sci-fi convention before, so it was quite an experience. I met a lot of interesting people and had some really great conversations. And they raised a nice amount of money for us, which is good, since we are rushing headlong into another hurricane season. (God forbid we get another storm) So anyway, the weekend was fun.

So today was pretty normal. I had my final doc appointment and he officially cleared me for normal ankle activity. Yay! I knew it would be okay because I haven't had any pain or discomfort for a few weeks now. But it's still nice to know for sure.

Tomorrow I get to spend 5 hours at a local mall, talking to people about food safety and making sure they know how to get in touch with us in case there is another hurricane and they need food assistance. Luckily, I have my new little friend (the iPod) to keep me company. I bought a case today so I can carry it around easily. Speaking of my little friend... iTunes is going to destroy my finances. There is no end to the incredible music you can find, and I'm going to have a blast "discovering" new bands. Maybe I can introduce Rhea to some new music instead of the other way around!


  1. You are so good about keeping up with your writing! I'm still staring at half-baked ideas on my desktop that need to be developed into measly blog postings!

    I love you!

  2. C'mon tell the truth. "Interesting" is a euphemism, isn't it. We gamers can take it, Anita. You don't have to pull punches. We've been called geeks all our lives!

  3. Thanks, Devon. I truly, truly am enjoying the writing, and I can't wait to get to the class! It starts in a couple of weeks!

    Chris, I'm actually not that great at keeping up with the writing. I spent a couple of months writing nothing more than what I had to for work, and these semi-daily blog posts. But you should really write more, my dear. You have a gift that you should share with the world. Watch, I'll get you involved in NaNoWriMo before it's over!

    Ed, I was actually using interesting for its real meaning this time. The people I met at the weekend were geeks, but they are "my kind of people," so I found them truly interesting. I had a lovely conversation with several guys about Firefly and Serenity. It was great!