Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wedding Crashers a funny, naughty film

Very naughty, I must say. I heard someone describe this film as a "chick flick for guys" and I have to agree. It's a romantic comedy unlike any other, mixing truly funny moments with moments where you (and I'm talking to girls here) will think to yourself "I can't believe I'm watching this." But perhaps it is that combination that makes it so entertaining.

Basically, the movie is about two guys who make crashing weddings a competative sport. And the prize is getting to sleep with lots of women. Well, naturally, it finally catches up with them and the results are quite funny.

So my advice is, if you embarass easily, you probably should choose your movie companion carefully. If you don't mind them seeing you turn red, they are a good person to go with. Probably not a good first date movie, unless you don't embarass easily. But it is a fun night at the movies, especially if you don't want to watch something heavy, or a children's movie, which is what seems to be out right now.

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