Saturday, September 17, 2005

Political Identity

So I've been debating with people about political issues a lot lately, mostly online. And I thought about something I had never really thought about very seriously. I have no political identity. I don't really agree with any particular party or movement because there are parts of each one that I don't agree with and parts with each that I do agree with. So how does one find a political identity?

It's probably not the most scientific of answers, but I found one I'm reasonably satisfied with. I found this site: The Smallest Political Quiz

And I found in this quiz that I'm defined as a Centrist. I guess you could say that means I'm wishy-washy, but I choose to believe it means I take the best parts of each party and sort of mix them into my own little ideology. And maybe that won't help me save the world or anything, but at least I know where I stand. Below is the information I found on the Web about Centrists.

Centrists are ideologically flexible. Centrists recognize the complexity of public policy choices and look to many kinds of solutions. Which solution depends on the circumstances, the problem, and the public interest. Ideologues repeat their slogans with little regard to the specific policy problem at hand. Conservatives shout "private good, public bad." Liberals shout "public good, private bad." By contrast, the centrist movement can show politicians how to use both the private and public sectors (often in combination) to creatively solve problems that we would otherwise just shout about.

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