Thursday, September 15, 2005

So tired...

I am exhausted. It appears that working long hours and not having weekends off is finally catching up with me. I'm just glad I get this weekend off. I need to recharge. I think I might sleep all day Saturday. What a loser, right?

Something funny happened at work today, though. It was nice to laugh. My intern was helping me take photos of the food bank employees who are helping us out during the disaster, and one of them was driving a fork lift around the parking lot, loading up a truck that was going to distribute some hurricane relief supplies. She said, "So I need to talk to the guy on the go-cart?" The warehouse guys and I laughed for ten minutes after that. I dunno, I guess you had to be there.

In other news, I'm making my final car payment tonight, which is great. Rhea and I are still talking about getting a house, perhaps in November. I don't think we're going to find a house that soon, due to evacuees finding jobs and places to live in Mobile, but we'll see. I'd rather not take a house that an evacuee needed anyway, but hopefully that will even out by November and there will be some places to live available. I am sooooo ready to move. I don't want to drive anymore.

Okay, my tiredness is really catching up with me, and I need to check the Weather Underground site to see if the tropical disturbances out in the water will pose a threat to us. I hope not. We can't deal with another one right now.

Incidentally, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Ivan. Seems like a mild thunderstorm compared to Katrina, but there are places in Pensacola that have still not fully recovered. No more hurricanes, please!!! :)


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  2. I hear you... I'm planning on sleeping away a bit of the weekend myself. Hopefully, we'll get to do coffee next weekend. It's high timew we do.