Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Baby (34 weeks)

Dear Nathan,

We had our last childbirth class tonight.  We got to tour the hospital and see where you will be born.  It's pretty nice.  As nice as a hospital can be, I suppose!  The nurses we saw seemed very kind and welcoming.  They smiled at our class and said "see you soon!"

Your dad and I feel more prepared for your arrival after four weeks of class.  We know what the process is going to be like and what we will need to do when it's time to deliver you into this world.  It's scary, at times, to think about your arrival.  So many questions come to mind.  Will we know it's time?  Will we make it to the hospital before you arrive?  Just how much will it hurt?  Can I handle it?  Of course, these are pretty normal questions to ask and pretty normal fears to have.  But as long as you get here safely, I don't care how it happens.  We are getting closer and closer to the day you will be born.

For now, keep growing and developing the way you should and we will see you when you are ready.


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