Monday, August 13, 2012

Dear Baby (32 weeks)

Dear Nathan,

It's mom again!  Your dad and I have been working like crazy on stuff for your room.  We really hope you love knights and dragons as much as we do!  Since you're our little "dragon baby," we thought it was a most appropriate nursery theme.  Here's some stuff we have been working on for you.

I found this quote on the internet and thought it was just completely awesome for a baby's room.  I hope it inspires you to use your imagination and love adventures as much as your dad and I do.

And this is for your door.  Every Knight needs a sign declaring his knighthood!  Your castle is being carefully prepared for you, so we wanted to have a sign on the door telling everyone you live there!

It has been so much fun working on projects for your room.  Your daddy and I love doing things like this together, and although he is much more talented than I am in these areas, he's a great teacher and helps me feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile when I help!  :)  It's nice.

As for you, wiggle worm, you are still moving around like crazy and letting me know when you are unhappy about how I'm sitting or standing or lying down.  I know it's getting a bit cramped in there.  Just hang on a little while longer and you will be out in this world with both your parents, and you will have lots of room to stretch out!  I can't wait to meet you, and for you to meet your dad and Kaylee and Simon.  We will be such a happy family.


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