Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Baby (33 weeks)

Dear Nathan,

We had a baby shower for you yesterday!  It was at Fish River Baptist Church and the church ladies were awesome!  We had such a nice time and you got lots of amazing gifts.  I can't wait to see you in some of these outfits.  Here's a picture of all the goodies from the shower.

Well, most of it came from the shower.  The giant gorilla was a valentine's gift to me from your grandpa one year when I was sad and lonely, before I met your dad.  I want you to have it because it made me happy when I needed something to hug.  We have some awesome dragon toys for you, as well as some other toys to play with.  And some books to read to you!  We love books so much and hope you do too!  We're almost ready for your arrival.  Just a few more projects and another couple of baby showers to go!



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