Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dear Baby (25 weeks)

Dear Nathan,

We started painting your room over the weekend.  It's the most awesome shade of gray.  I'm calling it "castle wall gray" because that goes with the theme we chose for your first bedroom.  I hope you like knights and dragons, because they are going to be everywhere!  I've had a few dreams about you and what you may look like and who you may become.  It's so exciting to think about you growing up and becoming a person with ideas, creativity, and your own opinions about things.  I can't wait to teach you and learn from you.  We will be moving into our new house very soon.  We've been packing things up like crazy, including some fun items we've already gotten from people for you!  I can't wait to put all that stuff in your new room.  Your grandpa is going to build your first bed, with your daddy's help.  I love watching them build things together.  I'm sure you will help them do that when you get older, if you like doing things like that.

Keep moving around in there - it helps me know that you are okay.  I actually enjoy your kicks and punches.  They make me feel closer to you.

See you soon.


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