Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dear Baby (22 Weeks)

Dear Baby,

Or should I say Dear Nathan?  We found out you are a boy not too long ago and we are very excited!  Your nursery plans are coming along now, especially since we know that you're a boy, and we are looking forward to painting the walls and making it a special place just for you!  I'm going to make a quilt, and your daddy and I are knitting a special blanket for you too!

Our most recent milestones, besides finding out you are a perfect, healthy, growing boy, are that we can actually see your kicks on the outside now!  It's a little strange and completely wonderful.  I haven't seen an outline of your hand or foot yet, but I'm sure that's coming.

I hope you like your name.  We picked it out just for you, to honor some special people in your life.  Your daddy didn't really want to name you after him because of "junior confusion" later on, but your name is a part of his name, so we thought that would be cool.  And your middle name is after your Nana (my mom) and also your grandpa's family (my dad.)  It's a special way for us to carry on a little bit of them with you.

We have a new house to bring you home to - a special house that we bought with you in mind.  It has a beautiful back yard that already has a swing set for you to play on.

Keep growing and being safe and healthy, my sweet boy.  I will see you in a few months.


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