Monday, June 11, 2012

23 Weeks and All is Well

We had a repeat anatomy scan today because Nathan was not in the right position to get a good picture of his heart last time.  He was in the same position again this time, but since he was bigger and not moving around as much, the tech finally got some good shots of his perfect heart and everything else was perfect too!  I was so glad, because Jon had the flu and wasn't able to come to this particular appointment, and while I was being very brave about it, I have no idea how I would have handled bad news without him there.

But there was no bad news and everything looks great!  He's still measuring big, about a week ahead, but the doctor didn't seem too worried about that.  We did talk a little about labor and delivery, something I've been pretty nervous about, and she helped me feel better about some things relating to that.

I love our new baby pictures!  He looks like a real little person now!  And in this one, he's holding on to his foot.  I actually got to see him playing with his foot a little, reaching out and grabbing it, letting go, and grabbing it again, then moving it around with his hand.  It was absolutely adorable.

Is it possible to love him this much already?  I didn't think so, but I guess it is!

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