Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Baby (19 Weeks)

Dear Baby,

It's the week of Mother's Day, and I've been thinking a lot about being your mom.  I'm so excited about this new role in life and can't wait to meet you and see the person you are going to become.  You gave me a Mother's Day gift, whether you know it or not... I'm really feeling you kick these days!  And better than that, your daddy got to feel you kick too!  It's really the coolest thing in the world!

You seem to be reacting to the music I play while I'm in my office at work.  There are some songs that seem to put you right to sleep, because you get really still for a little while, and then there are some that I swear seem to make you want to dance.  I'm keeping track of the ones that cause you to be active and the ones that seem to soothe you, so that when you are born, we can make you feel better using music.

We're still working on preparing everything for your arrival.

Your Mommy

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