Monday, February 20, 2012

First doctor's appointment

We had our first appointment today!  It was a ton of paperwork and talking, mostly.  We had never been to the office before, so of course we went to the wrong building.  After we figured out which building the office was actually in and arrived there, I was given lots of paperwork to fill out about previous medical history and family history.  Got all that done in just a few minutes and then we were ushered into the back.  Jon and I sat together while the nurse took my blood pressure, weight, and asked me a few questions.  They asked about 10 times if I was a victim of domestic violence.  I was almost tempted to make a joke and say yes, but I didn't.

The doctor came in and talked with us for about 10 minutes, which was nice.  We talked about the NT scan and other tests that we may or may not want to do.  We have decided to do all the non-invasive tests just to be prepared for any unusual circumstances.  So the conversation went well, and the doctor asked me about my annual exam.  I told her it had been almost exactly a year since my last one, so she went ahead and did one.

But the best news is that we scheduled an ultrasound!  On March 16, we will get to see our Pintsize and hopefully hear the heartbeat.  I can't wait for this - it's all I think about.  I just want to make sure everything is okay.

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