Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Journal Topics: Treasured Memories

What memory do you treasure most?

I actually have many treasured memories; most of them involving a loved one.  The easiest way to list these would be to do one for each person.  This may be a long post!  So here they are, in no particular order.

Mom - I have many treasured memories of my mother, but my favorite one involves the two of us building a doll house for Hannah.  We spent weeks working on the house, using glue, wood, and paint to make a beautiful Christmas gift for the only little girl in the family.  When we were finished, we decorated the house with carpet and linoleum flooring, furniture, and pictures on the walls.  We put up wallpaper and stocked the pantry with tiny boxes and cans of food.  While we built, we talked, listened to music, sang together, and just had a nice time being together.  When I look back on that time, it really makes me smile.

Dad - My dad would take us to the beach when we were kids.  These trips were so special.  He would pack up all his fishing gear and we would pack a picnic and our bathing suits.  We brought massive towels to lie on in the sun and books to read when the fish were not biting.  My mother would put cokes in a cooler - we didn't usually have soda in the house, so this was a treat.  Whenever he caught a fish, we would squeal with delight (and a little bit of disgust because of how slimy they were) and watch while he took it off the hook and flipped it into the bucket.  At the end of the day, we would take the lantern and go look for flounder.  Sometimes we would get a few and they would go into the bucket too.  I remember how strange I thought they looked.  After that, we would pile into the car (which always smelled like fish because of all the catches of the day) and on the way home we would stop for ice cream.  Sunburned and tired, but filled with ice cream and memories, we made our way home.

Gina - Growing up with a sister created lots of memories.  Fixing each other's hair, sharing clothes, talking about boys, etc.  But one of my favorite memories of my sister happened only a few years ago, when I was single and feeling pretty lonely.  She took me out to her favorite pub and we spent the evening flirting with guys.  She introduced me to about five guys that night, none of whom I would have considered dating, but it was a bonding moment for us, and that meant a lot to me.

Jon - I have to say, I treasure every day I spend with this amazing man!  The first time we met, our first date, the first time we kissed - all are very special memories for me.  Not to mention the times we just sit on the couch with my head on his shoulder and his arm around me, watching TV and talking.  Or when he's sitting at his computer and I'm sitting at mine, and we are playing an online game together while in the same room!  Everything we do together is fun, even when it's not really a fun task.  Just yesterday we stained a piece of furniture that he built with my dad.  If I have to pick one particularly treasured memory, it would be the first time he said he loved me.  And every time after that!

Grandparents - All four of my grandparents are gone now and I regret not spending more time with them.  My most treasured memories with them are holidays - decorating for them and spending them at their homes.  We don't realize what we have in our grandparents when we are young, and since mine all passed away before I was really an adult, I never really appreciated the history, the stories, and the love they had. I still have the last Christmas gift my last grandparent (grandfather on mom's side) gave me.  We had Christmas at his house and the passed away on New Year's.  The gift was a Christmas candle holder, and I light a candle in it every year to remember him and my other grandparents.

Noah - What a special kid who is quickly turning into an amazing young adult!  I love him more than I can say.  My most cherished memories of Noah are those evenings when I would take him to dinner and a movie.  We both love comic book movies and since there have been so many of them in the last several years, we've always found something to go see.  He's so smart and funny.  I love spending time with him.  Of course with the addition of a girlfriend in the last year, I've seen less of him.  That makes me sad, but I know he has to grow up at some point.  He started high school yesterday.  I freaked out a little, I'll be honest!  I will also always treasure the two trips to Disney World with Noah, especially the most recent one.  We ditched everyone else in the afternoons and rode all the "fun rides" over and over!  It was awesome.  Taking the road trip with my parents to Niagara Falls, hanging out in the back seat with Noah, doing sock puppet shows to pass the time while the trees zoomed past the car windows, not a care in the world other than "are we there yet."  

Hannah - She's beautiful, sweet, and sassy.  I love just talking to her.  She just started 3rd grade and is the most grown up little girl I've ever known.  The night she saw her doll house for the first time, all finished and decorated, with little blonde dolls, was very special.  I also treasure the trip to Disney World last summer, when she met Snow White and her eyes brightened and she just smiled.  Watching her swim in the hotel pool with her brothers, splashing around in the water with her giant eyes and smile is a moment I'll never forget.

Kohl - Again, the Disney trip has to win this treasured memory contest.  Kohl loves elephants, so when he got to ride the Dumbo ride for the first time, I was so glad I was there!  Spending time with him is great because he's really starting to become who he is going to be.  He comes up with the craziest things to say sometimes.  We call them Kohlisms and they are just hilarious.

Chris - My best friend and constant source of support, Chris is always there when I need him.  Always ready with a quick word of advice or encouragement and of course, a smile.  I have a treasured memory of Chris, of sitting on the Orange Street pier something like 8 years ago, late at night, just talking about everything and anything.  We just sat there and talked forever.  I'm not sure I had ever had an experience like that before; just opening up to someone and talking to them about everything.  It was at that point that we became closer as friends and our relationship really turned a corner.  Rather than just being friends, we became something else.  I'm not even really sure how to define it.  Kindred spirits, perhaps?  I love our yearly trips to Birmingham to the Sidewalk Film Festival.  While I will most likely miss this year because of income-related issues, I can't wait to get back to it.  I miss spending quality time with my Chris and am looking forward to a time when I can do it again.

So many special people in my life and so many special memories.  It's a bit hard to really express all of them in a simple blog post.  But this was a great exercise, because it got me thinking about how much I care about all the people in my life and how much I enjoy spending time with them.  It reminds me of what is important - spending time with loved ones and making treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Aww... You know I miss my Anita, and can envision the night on the Orange Street pier just as vividly as you do. We indeed formed a precious bond of friendship that night that cannot ever be broken. We will forever remain close in heart and mind, if not in miles. I hope to see you soon!! Much love! :0)