Thursday, August 12, 2010

From idea to reality

I've been thinking a lot about creativity and productivity, as well as individuality in what we do as people.  I've come to the conclusion that I really like making things with my own hands.  I like tailoring things to fit my exact vision of what it should look and feel like.  It's exciting to me to design and make something, to see a finished product come out of what was first just an idea.

Writing is like this in a big way - to fashion an entier novel or a short story out of words is a very exciting activity for me.  I've gotten back to that lately and it feels great! 

Knitting and crocheting also fulfill this need to create.  Making blankets, wash cloths, clothing (haven't actually attempted clothing yet, but I will soon) and other items is a very satisfying practice.  Not only does it provide an outlet for creativity, especially with colors and patterns, but it also gives me something productive to do while watching TV or having conversations with people.  This is good, considering I am trying to keep from biting my nails (a nervous habit that returns when I'm under stress.)

I would like to try sewing.  I think I could actually be pretty good at it, and making clothes seems like a fun and creative way to pass the time.  Quilting is another thing I would like to try.

I did a fun experiment in mosaic tiles and would love to do that again.  It was an awesome experience and I can see myself doing mirror frames, table tops, and picture frames to use in my own home decor. 

I would like to try beading.  Making necklaces and earrings would be a great creative exercise with the added advantage of always having something that matches every outfit!  I'll think about that more and figure out a way to get started.

I love watching other people discover this same trait in themselves - the need to create.  Jon has it, too.  He paints and draws.  He's also an awsome crocheter - and now he's going to kill me for revealing that online!  Last weekend, we spent a day with my parents.  My mom and I cooked and gossiped and Jon and my dad spent the day in my dad's wood shop building a side table for the apartment.  Jon designed it and it's going to look awesome when he is finished with it.  He keeps telling me how much fun he had working on it - even though it was an extremely hot and humid day.  I'm pretty sure he's going to want to go back this weekend to continue working on it.  Which is nice because I get some mommy time that way! 

I think that's one reason I'm so eager to get this children's theatre started.  Theatre is like that too - you create a reality from an idea (the script)  How it is interpreted and carried out is up to the team involved.  I love that process - going from idea to reality.  It's just amazing to watch something unfold and become what it is going to be.

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  1. I write full-time, so creating is not just my need and my drive, but how I make my living. I found I needed something else, though, that had nothing to do with "work" -- much as I love my work.

    I started pottery classes this year -- have wanted to do them for a long time, and i love working in clay. I sew and crochet, but since I worked in wardrobe, that, too, often fell under "work".

    Pottery has nothing to do with work -- it's something I can do just for myself because I want to.

    That sounds like I'm not grateful for being able to earn a living doing what I love. I AM grateful, I think we should all get paid to do what we love -- but every once in awhile, one needs to create something totally separate.

    Best wishes for the children's theatre, and glad to see you blogging again.