Sunday, August 01, 2010

Journal Topics: Red

Tell me about things that are red.

What an interesting and kind of odd topic!  Things that are red.  First thing that comes to mind is food.  There are lots of delicious red foods, including fruits and veggies - and most definately Italian food!

Red is a very dramatic color.  Fire engines, blood, eyes that have been crying - these are all red.  Tragedy seems to emanate from the color - but that's not all. 

Red is the color of roses and of love.  Valentine's Day stuff is always red or pink (which, of course, is just red with some white mixed in!)  Red is life and death.

I don't normally wear red - certain shades of it pretty much turn my whole face red.  There are a few things that I do wear that have some red in them.  Oh, and I own a few pairs of red shoes.  Sexy, right?  So that's another thing red is - sexy!  In shoes or cars.  Or lingere...

Red is the color of anger.  That's always a fun one, right?  When someone is "seeing red" you should probably stay out of their way! 

I find it interesting that so many emotions (seemingly conflicting, but maybe not) are associated with the color red.  It has made me really examine my own feelings about the color and its connotations.

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