Saturday, January 03, 2009

knit slacker

Yeah, I've been slacking on the knitting front lately. I did do a little work on my Green Dragon Shawl last night and I've got three squares on my log cabin blanket completely finished, but really I should be further along on both. My ribbed scarf project is moving along, but I'm finding the ribbing to be quite boring. I think my problem right now is that three major projects I'm working on are either simple or very complex, so I either have to give it all my concentration or none at all. And here's something strange... my fingers get tired on the ribbed scarf but not the other projects. I can't figure out why, other than the fact that there's a lot of switching the yarn back and forth, but you would think the shawl would be worse because there are a ton of yarn overs and other things that are different from the norm. The log cabin squares are easy-peasy, but I have to carry a lot of yarn with me when I work on those because of the frequent color changes.

Oh, the Christmas blanket was not completed by Christmas this year, so I'll be shooting for next year. Here's hoping I can get it done by then! I'll do some pictures of the works in progress sometime soon. For now, just look at my Ravelry sidebar.

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