Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don't care, but I want to

I'm fighting my way out of this right now, but it's been a difficult thing to do. In the last month or so, I just haven't really cared about much. Sure, there have been moments of happiness, but for the most part, I just don't care.

What makes this happen? What causes an otherwise positive, happy, passionate person to suddenly stop caring? I know someone who would instantly diagnose it as depression. But I'm not sad, I just don't care. I think it may be closer to burnout than depression.

That's why I chose "passion" as my word for the year. I want to rekindle the flame I've had in the past for everything. My job, my writing, my knitting, the theatre, photography, etc. I want to care again.


  1. I hope I'm not the one you're thinking would make the instant diagnosis of depression. There's a distinction between clinical depression and burnout, and I know you know it. Here's my wish to you that the flame of passion is reignited soon. I know it's in you - perhaps a temporary retreat from things would help?

  2. No, you're not the one. Thanks for the message. I'm absolutely sure it's burnout. And possibly boredom.

  3. I'm glad I'm not "the one" (in this case). ;0) You know you've got a free weekend retreat and a bed with your name on it if you need it. Now we'll let the rest of your readers wonder if the bed with your name on it is the same one I sleep in!

  4. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Perhaps you've hit a plateau in certain aspects of your life, and it's time to strike out in a new direction, take a risk, try something new. One does hit those points, especially when one is passionate about life, because sometimes you just wonder why you're putting so much energy in and not getting enough back. So you "burn out" in order to recharge.