Friday, December 05, 2008


Yep, I'm sick today. It's my annual sinus/cold problem, but just because it happens every year doesn't mean I am used to it or know how to deal with it any better than the first time it happened. ARGH!

Anyway, usually it lasts a few days and I'm fine, so here's hoping it follows the usual pattern.

Nothing else to tell really.


  1. Hope you get feeling better soon!

    I read with interest your blogger profile, since I am an aspiring published novelist, too.

  2. PS Are you rehearsing for Wicked? My 13 year old LOVES that music.

  3. I wish rehearsals are for Wicked! No, I'm stage managing a comedy called "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel."

  4. Sounds hilarious! My husband is a hunter, too, and that title sounds like a riot.

    Is there any way I can see a synopsis?? I want to know what happens!

    My email addy is on my blog, if you can indulge me in this :-)

  5. I did a quick post with the summary, but I can also email it to you a little later.

    Gotta get back to work!

  6. Okay, Anita. Thank you! My curiosity is now satisfied. And it's by Mitch Albom, huh? I googled it and there's info aplenty, so email's not needed.

    Thanks again, and don't have too much fun at work. :-)