Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Draha progress

I know it looks like I've been ignoring my writing, but I've actually been working. I started a short story that didn't really go anywhere, but I'm filing it for future reference. I've created outlines for two novels and one additional short story, but want to finish the Draha outline before starting the actual writing on any of those. That outline is still going pretty well, although I had to take a whole section out the other day. It'll probably go back in a little later, but it seemed to be revealing too much, too soon, so I removed it and pasted it at the end for insertion in the correct place. There was an image in the new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, that looked so cool and I really would love to use a similar image for my portals, but I want to change it up enough so that it doesn't look like a ripoff. What's sad is that I thought of something similar before seeing the movie and was going to use it, but now because they used it, I hesitate to do so. Speaking of all that, if any writers are out there, I'd love your opinion on something. If a concept you have created sounds similar to something that you see later, do you automatically remove the concept or image, or do you go ahead with it? I know some ideas are fairly universal and can be used over and over in a story, but if your twist on something is similar to another writer's twist on the same thing, or only slightly different in the execution, do you go back to the drawing board? Just curious.

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