Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A return to the stage

I'll wait until I've actually done at least one performance to cross this off my 101 list, but I had to officially announce that I'm returning to the stage! Last night, Rhea and I went to audition for a play at Theatre 98, a wonderful company in my hometown that has been around since the early sixties, and I got the call today. They offered me a part and, of course, I took it! Unfortunately, Rhea was not offered a part, but the director did encourage her to try out again because her audition was great. They just didn't really have a part for her in this play, which is sad because I wanted us to both be in it, but I think she's going to do some backstage work. She has lots of experience with lights and other aspects of backstage work (I have no experience in any of that but want to try it sometime) so I'm sure they will take her up it and give her a good job backstage!

Anyway, the play is "Fuddy Meers" by David Lindsay-Abaire. I'm playing Heidi, who is a "tough-guy" kind of girl, which is very unlike me, so I think it'll be fun. The play sounds quite funny and the bit of the script I read for the audition was hysterical. Really off the wall. I think it's the perfect way for me to return to the stage, although I actually assumed my first would actually be a musical. But that's okay. There's another local company doing a musical later this year, so I might actually audition for that once this one is over. I have a feeling that I'm going to be bitten by the bug again. It's all about being in the moment, becoming someone else, and hearing the instant reactions of the audience. I love it!

I think this is just the kind of thing I need in my life right now. I need involvement, something to really sink my teeth into, something I can have passion for and enjoy while also being in the company of others. So many of my passions are solitary, it's good to have one that is not, especially since I'm an ENFJ. (Hmm... that sounds like a good topic for another blog post. Maybe tonight...)

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