Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dear Nathan (16 months old)

Dear Nathan,

Hello sweet boy!  Now, when I say that to you, you can say "hi" back!  You're learning more and more words, and you can point to some body parts when we ask you where they are.  You can run, jump, march, and climb.  Oh boy, can you climb!  That's your absolute favorite activity right now.  You love to slide down the slide at the park and you still love to swing.

Cheese is still your favorite food, and you like to drink juice (which is unsweetened apple juice that is really watered down.)  When we ask you if you want something to drink, you say "drink."  And then we ask you to choose what you want and you do!  It's super cute.

Over the weekend, we took you back to the zoo that we all went to when you were six months old.  What a difference!  You liked it then, but you LOVE it now!  It was so much fun watching you interact with all the animals.  You really had fun with the goats.  You fed them zoo puffs for like an hour.  And laughed your head off when they licked your fingers.  It was awesome.

Daddy and I are making lots of plans for your future, little one.  We are not confident in the school system these days, so we are very seriously planning to teach you at home.  I'm having a great time daydreaming about our lesson plans and about community activities we can get you involved in so you can make friends.  I honestly can't wait until it's time to start.  I always wanted to be a teacher!  And of course, the best part of that is that I will get to be with you every day.  I'm looking forward to that so much.  I feel like I'm missing so much of your younger years by being at work, but I know it's just so that I can be part of your education later.  And that helps me get through our current situation.

We are also hoping you can have a sibling before the year is over.  It's taking longer than we expected, and we may have to get some medical help to make it happen, but we are trying.  I'm hoping for a sister for you.  I think boys need a little sister to pick on and to protect.  But a brother would be awesome too!

I think that's about all for now.  I love you, buddy!

With all my heart,


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