Wednesday, January 29, 2014

25 Things I Like About Myself

I think this is such a great exercise, especially for people like me, with self-esteem issues.  I'm going to try to do this and see if I can actually come up with 25 of them in one sitting.  ;)

  1. I think my eyes are pretty.
  2. I like my hair.
  3. I think my singing voice is very good.
  4. I am creative.
  5. I am a good writer.
  6. I am a good photographer.
  7. I am good at my job.
  8. I am a nice person.
  9. I am generally well-liked.
  10. I am entertaining in a crowd.
  11. I am a pretty smart cookie!
  12. I am sympathetic.
  13. I am trustworthy.
  14. I am a positive person.
  15. I am generally a happy person.
  16. I am a great mom.
  17. I am a good wife (who wants to change that to great!)
  18. I am a hard worker.
  19. I always try my hardest to achieve my goals.
  20. I am ambitious, but not aggressive about it.
  21. I am a good listener.
  22. I generally stay away from drama and gossip.
  23. I have a nice laugh.
  24. I am musical.
  25. I am a good daughter to the best parents in the world. 
That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  So there are some things I like about myself.  :)

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