Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Mind?

So the questions I answered yesterday?  I gave myself some time to think about them.  I've decided I don't like them.  Not at all.  I know what they are meant to do.  On the surface, they are supposed to "inspire" and "awe" you, to motivate you to live a fuller and more vibrant life.  But no.  That's not really what they are trying to do.  Free your mind?  You've got to be kidding.  The funny thing is, this attitude sounds like me several years ago.  I've grown up now.  lol

Questions like those are meant to make you feel badly about your life.  To make you feel as if you have settled.  And to make you question your decisions and wonder if you should make a change.  While this is not always bad, it is unfair and untrue to lead people to the belief that they should live their passions ALL THE TIME, and if they don't, then they are not TRULY LIVING.  There are things we must do.  Things we have committed to do and things we are responsible for doing that may not be the DREAM, but are important.  As lovely as it sounds, we can't all run away and live on a tropical island, making money only when we need it by selling seashell art from a tiki hut on the beach.  (that actually sounds kind of boring to me, but whatever.)  AND we can't love everything about our lives ALL THE TIME.  Sometimes even the greatest life sucks.  Sometimes even the greatest job is stressful.  Sometimes even the greatest spouse makes a mistake or hurts your feelings.

So how do you live with passion and vitality and enthusiasm if you are not living your DREAM?  I'll tell you.  You find things to be passionate and enthusiastic about in the life that you have.  You take the choices you have made and you MAKE them your dream.  If a change truly needs to be made, MAKE it!  DO IT.

Do you know what will "free your mind?"  Understanding that it was never a captive in the first place.

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