Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Nathan (4 months old)

Dear Nathan,

You are four months old!  It's hard to believe you've only been with us for four months.  Our life has changed so much since you arrived.  All for the better, I assure you!  The first month, we were mostly focused on just keeping you alive.  I was sure I was going to break you or something!  But you got bigger and stronger, and you started gaining weight and staying awake longer.  You started showing us a personality.  And what a personality it is!  You're bright, funny, and sweet.  You love to cuddle and you love to laugh.  But not when there's a camera around.  Then, you like to hide your face or just stare blankly at the camera.  There are some rare occasions when we are able to snap a picture of you smiling, like the one above.  We love it when we are able to do that!

Here's a special milestone for you.  Yesterday, we started feeding you baby food. Your first food was sweet potatoes, and you loved them!  We took a video, which I'm sure we will show you one day and it will completely humiliate you, but know that we think you are so special and cute.  And we love you very much. You have brightened our lives so much already.  We honestly can't wait to watch you become the person you are going to be.

Mom (and Dad)

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