Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arts Alive

We won the competition!  Yay us!  It was such a neat experience.  The contest was "give us your best scene" and we really had fun getting back together, rehearsing the scene, and getting ready to perform it again.  It was great to put that costume back on and sing that song again.  I had no idea how much I missed everyone until I saw then again.

It was a great day.  We all had lunch at Spot of Tea, which is a great little lunch place in downtown Mobile.  It was nice having a meal together before the performance.  We all went to the changing area after lunch and got ready.  Then we went down to the outdoor stage and watched the other performances.  They were great!  When our time came, we did our scene and the crowd really seemed to love it.  I ran into some people I didn't really care to see, but that didn't change anything.  It was still an awesome day!

Our performance went really well, then we went back to the changing room to get back into our street clothes.  We actually missed the announcement that we won the contest because we were upstairs changing!  How silly, right?  But pretty typical of us.  We were happy to win, but that wasn't really why we did it.  It was just a lot of fun getting the gang back together for a few days and doing that scene again.

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