Monday, October 26, 2009

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"

I've been thinking a lot about how we, as people, react to each other's lives. There's a saying that everyone knows, "the grass is always greener" and it's so true of most of our mindsets. I find myself looking at someone else's life and thinking about how much I wish I could have that kind of life rather than my own. Envy, you are my worst enemy.

A comment here and there, a status update on facebook, and suddenly I don't like my life and with I could trade it for someone else's - if only for a few days. And then I beat myself up over feeling that way, because I shouldn't envy anything that other people have because I've been blessed with health, happiness, an amazing family and a wonderful group of friends. I have a job that makes me feel good at the end of the day, even when there are frustrating moments. And I have a good sense of self - a level of confidence in myself and my abilities that I haven't always had.

And yet, one little thing and all of that is derailed and I'm envying someone else again.

So I've decided to put a lid on this for good. Whenever I start to feel envy about someone, I'm going to be happy for that person and I'm going to remember that their lives are not perfect and that they have a unique set of struggles and difficulties that they must face just like I do.

I've decided to be satisfied with my life and live it to the fullest. The things I envy in others can be developed or discovered in my own life. I just have to be patient and continue praying for those things - and work hard to achieve things that I can and need to achieve. It's not about what others have or what others do, it's about how I choose to make my own impact on the world.

So I will rejoice with friends when they achieve great things and I will be sad with them when they are rejected or face defeat. And I know that they will do the same for me.

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