Thursday, June 25, 2009

home sweet home

I think I've really settled into the house now and I do love living there. I've even had friends over for movies and dinner and stuff. Tonight I'm having a date over, which will be a first! I'm cooking dinner - another first - I've never actually cooked for someone before. Scary, huh?

Shannon and I are really getting along well. We've been watching Dexter on DVD. Well, first we watched Carnivale and then we went on to Dexter. She's a fan of great writing and acting like I am, so she's totally getting me into her favorite shows.

Oddly enough, she's getting hooked on Gilmore Girls from my DVD sets. She's watching them alone, though. I think she's just watching them now to get to Lorelai's dog, Paul Anka, because I told her how funny all that is and she has a very strange dog so she wants to see it.

The budget thing is getting easier. The first few times I went shopping, I was so careful about everything and now I can relax a little because I know how much I can spend each time and about how much things cost. I even bought sodas the other day! It's been so hot that it's pretty much required to have cold drinks ready, and while I've been really good about drinking water most of the time, I like having a coke or dr pepper every now and then for the sugar and caffeine.

Church is still going great. I'm really happy with the friends I'm making and last night I tried out to be a part of their drama team and was told I'm in! We perform every Sunday morning - the characters rotate so that no one person has to perform every single Sunday. I think it's going to be awesome! Small group is still great too. A bunch of us are going to a Bay Bears game tomorrow night. I always want to go to games but never have anyone to go with - now we are all going! I'm excited!

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