Saturday, March 07, 2009

almost finished blocking Act 1

Yay! We are almost finished blocking Act 1 - just two scenes left and those are ones that we haven't been able to do because one of the actors in it has been in another show - which closes this weekend. I'll get those scenes blocked Tuesday and then all of Act 1 will be finished! We're really doing much better than I thought we would be at this point.

Last night we ran all the scenes we have done so far and it really was great. I had the actors who were not on stage sitting in all the extreme corners of the theatre because on a thrust stage with the audience on three sides (3/4 round) you have to be extra careful of the sight lines. That's what we focused on last night, to make sure the blocking doesn't... well... block anyone! We were pretty spot on for most of it, although there were a couple of places where we had to make some adjustments.

I'm still so impressed with the character work that's happening already. A few of them are already off book in some scenes, which is unheard of in community theatre. Well, at least in our community theatre!

We have the weekend off and then we do those two scenes and then - Act 2!

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