Sunday, March 15, 2009

Act 2 almost finished

Well, we finished blocking Act 1 last week and started on Act 2. The cast was doing so well I actually gave them some time off, which actually ended up being very good for me as well. We were going to rehearsal on Friday, but since we were ahead of schedule I backed off a bit and gave them that night off. We were only supposed to be through scene 1 by Thursday and we finished off scene 2. I had allotted two nights for each scene in Act 2 because of how much longer they are than the 9 scenes in Act 1, but there are only 4 and if we get them all finished in one night like we did with 1 and 2, we will be very ahead of schedule. My directorial advisor (I have one of those because it's my first experience directing and I asked if I could have an advisor in case I have problems or questions) said that I need to be careful not to let the play peak too soon because sometimes they lose their energy and freshness if you rehearse too much. I've never experienced that myself, but our cast for the last play did and by the end of it, you could tell they were tired of doing it over and over and over. Me, I would do a show every day for years and years if they would let me. Every show is different because every audience is different, but that's just the way I see it personally.

So anyway, to take his advice and to give everyone a little break, I cancelled Friday and Monday rehearsals and we were already scheduled for a night off on Tuesday, so that gave them a nice break. We'll be back on Wednesday for scene 3 and then Thursday for scene 4, giving us Friday to run all of Act 2 a couple of times. We will run the show for the first time next Monday, which is something I'm really excited about!

So on Friday, rather than going to rehearsal, I met my lead actress after work and we went wig shopping - spending a bit more than I wanted to but getting the perfect wig for her. We went to dinner and then to another community theatre for their production of The Foreigner. It was brilliant, by the way! We went because a friend was in it, as well as one of our cast members. They were both wonderful and it was a great show. We laughed so hard our sides hurt.

As we were leaving, we were invited to a cast party that evening, but because I had to be up at 6 to get to the Saturday film shoot on time and because she needed to get home before her husband sent out a search party, we didn't go. Today is their last show and I wish them the best with it! I'm looking forward to having my actor full time now that he is finished with this show. He's a delightful person and I think it's really going to be fun working with him.

So things with the show are moving right along. 40 days until opening night! Sounds like a long time, but also it sounds short, you know? Since we are in such good shape right now, I'm sort of waiting for the bad thing to happen. Hopefully it won't!

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