Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Script Frenzy Day 5

Current wordcount: 3,805
Today's wordcount: 1,375
Time spent writing: 2 hours
Time spent on SF Boards: none (can you believe it??)
Today's soundtrack: Keane and Coldplay
Today's mood: Good, although work was horrible

I sat down and really worked tonight, because I wanted to catch up. At this rate, my Excel tracking sheet tells me I'll be done by June 27. Of course, that's not taking next week into account. I'm bringing the laptop and will try to write as much as I can, but I may not get much done. That's okay, though. With NaNo, skipping a week is disasterous, but with Script Frenzy, there isn't as much pressure. Once you've written 50,000 words in a month more than twice, 20,000 words should be a snap. And it is!

Work was horrible today. It's almost like I'm being punished for taking next week off. There are so many projects that I absolutely must finish before Friday, and some of those have completely arbitrary deadlines. Some of the deadlines are concrete, but others are just totally made up. It's a little frustrating. But I'll finish all of the projects before Friday, like I always do. I really love my job. I really, really do! Sometimes I vent a little about it, but I really do enjoy my work. I'm totally dedicated to it. I'm just a little burned out at the moment, I suppose. I am absolutely ready for a vacation!

I worked on a video for my parents tonight. Next week is their 40th anniversary (which is really the reason for the trip) and I wanted to make a video of pictures from their life together set to their favorite songs. I ended up with two songs and a lot of really wonderful pictures. I burned it onto a DVD and will give it to them before we leave for the trip. I love doing videos like that, it's so much fun! I still watch the one I made for my sister last Mother's Day. It has photos of her kids set to this really pretty song, "The One Who Knows," which is just the perfect "mother" song. I have this sort of bizarre hope that someone will do a video for me when I die, to play at my funeral. It would be set to "Seasons of Love" from Rent and would have pictures of me and all the people I love. I told my mother once that I wanted this, and she said I would have to make it because she wouldn't be able to. I guess I should do it, huh? :)

Anyway, that's enough for tonight. It's early, but I want to go to bed soon. I have a big meeting tomorrow and I'd hate to go to it with dark circles under my eyes!

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