Friday, June 01, 2007

Script Frenzy Day 1

Current wordcount: 903
Today's wordcount: 903
Time spent writing: 1 hour
Time spent on SF Boards: about 10 minutes
Today's soundtrack: my Broadway playlist (so fun!)
Today's mood: Great!

Well, I feel like I've gotten off to a good start. The knitting circle has been formed, and one of the ladies has already told a bit of her story. I like it so far. It seems to be flowing well.

Waking up early helped a lot! I got the required number of words done in about 30 minutes this morning and then did a little more when I got home from work this evening. My stopping point was a little odd number-wise, but it made sense to stop there so I did. Tomorrow I'm going to do about the same amount (or more) to stay ahead. I know I won't be able to consistently write while I'm on vacation, so I want to get enough done so that I'm not hopelessly behind when I get back.

Speaking of the trip, I went shopping for some clothes to take. I don't actually own very many casual outfits anymore. Most of my clothes are suits or other "professional looking" clothes, and that would be all wrong for a road trip! So I bought some shorts, for the first time in several years. So I'm all set there. I think I finally have everything I need. That's a relief!

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  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Fantastic. How great that you're using your love of knitting in the play. Very cool. And have fun on your vacation!