Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not doing as well as I hoped

So I set a goal to write 250,000 words this year, and here it is, the middle of February, and I've only written 9,000+ words. Not doing well is an understatement. I've got to get my butt in gear and start working on another project. Deadlines is stalled. I don't know what to do next. I need some inspiration, but I'm not getting any right now. So I think I'll set it aside for awhile and see what happens. If I don't start After the Storm soon, it'll be hurricane season again, and I'm not going to feel like writing a story about the aftermath of a hurricane during the season, especially if it's another bad season. I really hope it's not another bad season.

My Valentine's Day was wonderful, if anyone is curious. Really wonderful. I can't remember ever being this happy. And it's not just the relationship, although it plays a pretty big part. Everything is coming together for me. I've finally finished a novel and sent it off for consideration, something I've wanted to do practically all my life. I'm getting more responsibility at work, which is great because that means they trust me to do a great job. Situations with my family, especially my sister, are getting better (she has a job now!) So really, things are going great.

Now the only big thing I have to face in the near future is a very important decision... should I buy a new car? Mine is getting old and I fear it will one day quit in the middle of my two-hour (round-trip) commute. It's a big decision, and one I don't want to take lightly. Even more importantly, if I do get a new car, what color should it be? lol

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