Friday, April 18, 2014

Dear Nathan (19 months old)

Dear Nathan,

Goodness you are getting big!  And you are completely amazing, as usual.  Funny story from this month.  You became obsessed with playing with my wallet.  So I got a new one, filled the old one with expired driver's licenses, old insurance cards, and dummy credit cards from mail offers. I put it in my purse and let you take it out. You played with it for a loooong time with a super mischievous look on your face - like you got away with something.  It was seriously the cutest thing.  

We got you a bubble mower and you LOVE mowing the lawn with Daddy.  You'll be in the yard with him, close to the house while he is close to the street, pushing your mower right along with him.  You also pulled it around with you quite a bit the last time you used it.  So much fun.  :)  

Every day, you grow and change.  It's amazing to watch.  We love you, little man.

All my love,


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