Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Head Circumference

Nathan has to have a head CT tomorrow because the doctor said his head circumference jumped from the 75th percentile to the 97th percentile.  She also said his weight was going up too quickly.  Maybe those things indicate... um.. I don't know... growth?

I hope it's nothing. She said it was probably nothing.  But still - a head CT is nothing to play around with.  She said they were going to have to strap him down to do the test.  My poor little boy - he hates to be still.  He hates to lie down.  How is he going to handle this?

As a parent, you want to shield your child from all scary situations and protect them from harm.  But now we are going to put him through the scariest thing he's ever been through.  On purpose.  I'm having some guilt about it, but there's no way I wouldn't do it.  What if something is really wrong and we decided not to do the test?  If it was something that could be caught early and we didn't, I would truly never forgive myself.  Sometimes it just sucks to be an adult.

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