Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dear Nathan (9 months old)

Dear Nathan,

You are 9 months old!  It's pretty amazing that we've come this far without major catastrophe!  This month, you have perfected crawling and have started "cruising" the furniture.  That's when you pull up onto the couch and just sort of walk your way down the couch, holding on but also stepping as if you are actually walking unassisted.  It's pretty fun to watch, but it comes with some potential for disaster.

We bought you a baby jail for when we are having to do something outside the room you're in.  I like to keep you out of it as much as possible, but it's handy for when we need to cook dinner or something like that.  Speaking of cooking, I had you in the kitchen with me the other day and you had so much fun exploring!  I thought you were going to die from the excitement of finding the cabinet with the plastic storage bowls!  You pulled a bunch of them out and played with them while I cleaned up after we ate.

You are really talking now.  Your vocabulary consists of several words: mama, dada, baba, huh, hey, and nana.  Now if we can only teach you to answer the phone when someone calls that we don't want to talk to, you will be useful to us.  ;)  You babble all the time too.  I think sometimes you really are trying to communicate something and it gets a little frustrating for you when we don't respond appropriately.  Don't feel bad, we just can't speak your language!

You're eating food from our plates now.  We do have to be careful, so much of what we eat has eggs.  You have enjoyed roast beef, smoked chicken, beans, carrots, peas, and several other things.  You still love cheese.  :)

We did a collage last night after we took your 9 month photos.  It's pretty amazing to see how far you've come!

I love you very much.



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